Dear Chuck Taylor,


Those who own Chucks (the shoes) know this for a fact: Chucks don’t offer much in the stick-to-the-wet-pavement department. On rainy days, my Chucks mutate into the tools of Satan and thus getting from Point A to Point B becomes a perilous slip and slide over sidewalks lined with small evil pebbles intent on getting my ass to painfully contact the ground. Slipping and sliding isn’t a very practical form of locomotion, as evidenced by this morning walk’s shenanigans:


I slid on the bus steps and thankfully did not recreate my falling off the bus (and into the path of a dumbass scooter) memory. I slid on one of the stripes of a pedestrian lane (the one smack in the middle), I almost careened off a curb and into traffic, and I saved myself from accidentally throwing myself off stairs.

I know I should be more careful, since the perils of slippery pavement can be exacerbated by slippery footwear, poor coordination, and a clumsy disposition but when it’s 8:46 and the office is 15 minutes away, one tends to walk very fast despite conditions when even walking is out of the question.

rainy days and wailsdays

dear universe,

derailed, again. seriously, if i were counting how many times this has happened to me over the last few weeks, i’d be more depressed than i already am. we can’t keep doing this. i start climbing out of the pit, you throw a curve and i go freefalling back down, landing with an unceremonious splat. i can’t keep doing this.

and i feel i can’t keep doing this to tumblr either. XD

say anything

|Last night at Mercury Drug|

Cashier after I hand her a bill: May piso kayo sir?

Me: Miss, wag po kayong ganyan. Nanay ko po naggupit sakin.

Cashier (visibly mortified): Ay naku, sorry po ma’am. Sorry po talaga.

*Now I just have to figure out if she was sorry for my haircut or for calling me sir.*

|Status messages|

The other day, I was trying to make up an excuse for using “Is this your Mangina speaking? Please tell me when your Balls are available for comment.” but found none.

|This morning while walking to work, this line was in my head|

“No, I don’t like tuyo,” he said, his epileptic intensity flinging drops of saliva that hit my face with as much violence as his words.

*I may have been sitting around my mom watching Magkaribal for far too long.*

|While watching a morning show|

I wonder why the daily horoscope person’s daily horoscopes always involve low or high points. (Always “You’ll fall into an open manhole today, be vigilant.” or “You’ll be lucky since the Moon has moved into Virgo and will gallivant into the former planet Pluto.” but not “Today will be blah.”)

|One of those days|

It’s one of those days when there are no reasons, no excuses, no nothing. Things aren’t bad, but they aren’t good either. Things are just there, sitting in front of you like 50 pounds of raw meat you don’t care about. You don’t know where it came from and how it came to rest on the seat in front of you either. In all that bewildered surrealism, you can’t even bring yourself to wonder if it’s a dimension crossing sack of meat that can magically manifest itself anywhere in the cosmos. In your head, it doesn’t matter if it’s imbued with the powers of the universe. It’s still just a sack of meat.

*Wait, what?*

|One day|

One day, I’ll look back at all of these things and kick myself in the face. I don’t know how I’ll manage that but I’m sure I’ll find a way.

|On the bus, on the way to work|

You know what, one day I’ll look back at all of this and laugh my head off because seriously, it’s been a retarded couple of years. Then I’ll burn that bridge when I get there, bitch.

letting it rip

i started writing this post yesterday:

some people think it’s easier to make up stories than compose an article. in some cases it is, though personally, my stories don’t necessarily take longer to write – the problem lies in letting it out. it’s like farting in a way; sometimes you just can’t let it rip for the sake of social etiquette or what not. it’s like constipation, shit builds up inside and you find that you can’t shit it out like you normally can.

then thought, why the fuck am i sharing this shit to the world? bah. i’m in one of those it’s-impossible-to-care-less moods once again, and whenever i’m in one of these phases it really is impossible to care less, or do anything for that matter. i hate this kind of feeling, especially when there are things i actually need to care about.

like the alternative alamat thing, for example. i’ve found a good story to write about, though everything’s so hazy i can’t find the right flow or rhythm to it. anyway, sigh. this is getting annoying. you know you’ve got to do something when you’re starting to annoy yourself.

walking with a voiceover

in an effort to overtake my threatening middle bulge and near-pathetic stamina, I’ve been walking to work every morning. (it’s 900 meters, more or less. my best time so far is 13 minutes.) so far, my legs don’t threaten a sit down strike anymore and my lungs don’t start sitting up and begging for mercy every end of the walk so i guess that brings that pathetic exercise phase to an end.

the other day, i told mabie about it and she said, “malayo.” i don’t really notice the near-kilometer walk. every morning when i walk to work i get a voice over. yes. sometimes it’s a really snooty one lifestyles of the rich and famous-y when i walk past the ayala museum. sometimes it’s a fitness trainer from slimmers world. the rest of the time, it’s cory monteith singing i can’t fight this feeling and i can’t help but smile (yes, that i look stupid smiling to myself grin. i should follow up the song with “i just haven’t [fucking] met you yet”).

hmm. over the course of the rambling i’ve forgotten what my point was. oh right: you’re never really lonely when you’re crazy.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief Movie review

Caveat: This is not going be pretty. Faint of heart, turn away now.

I understand that book to movie translations are rarely ever going to turn out great, and I don’t expect movies to be completely loyal to its original medium. What I do expect is for adaptations to at least have a slight resemblance to the book/novel/short story they were based upon.

I feel I need to ask the writers of Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lighting Thief: did you find the original story lacking?

I mean, I know this movie adaptation exists a. to cater to the young adult demographic, b. to kick start a promising new franchise, c. to lure new fans into the fold, and d. to see whether director Chris Columbus can lend his Harry Potter magic to Percy Jackson. I won’t even go to the Harry Potter-Percy Jackson comparison because they are not the same book, you would just find them in the same section in your local bookstore. There is no point in pitting them against each other.

Anyway, I watched The Lightning Thief with several of the my multiple personalities and three of them had different opinions of the movie:

The Percy Jackson and the Olympians fan: SACRILEGE! They smote off all the good parts and replaced them with different hacked off body parts. Why cut off a perfectly good arm and replace it with a bat wing?

The Inner Kid: Wow, Hydra! Wow, Medusa! Wait, how come Hades looks like a washed up rockstar?

The One Who was Asleep while I was Reading the Book Series: Is it just me or does this movie feel like they just made shit up as they went along? It’s a Frankenmovie.

I’m sure some of you liked it, but then again, some people liked Eragon too.

Demented reviews Time Hollow

Sorry about the delay folks. I guess you’ll agree when I say Time is one thing that’s about as hard to come by as money. This is my first video game review in a while, so please excuse me if it reads a bit sketchy.

Konami and Tenky released Time Hollow for the Nintendo DS just recently (Japan version was released last March, while North America got its version just last September 23). I barely follow game releases anymore, but since I heard about this game from two other people, I decided to give it a whirl.

After the prologue, I locked myself in my room for five solid hours to play this particular game. First, it’s an adventure point and click title and second, it covers a very interesting topic for me, the concept of time.

Story and Gameplay

Here’s a quick rundown of the story: You play as Ethan Kairos and on your seventeenth birthday, you receive your inheritance, a Hollow Pen. Of couse, you have no idea what the Pen’s for since you’re busy figuring out how you became an orphan overnight. Imagine this, one night, you’re having dinner with your parents. You wake up the next morning to find that you’ve been living with your uncle since your parents disappeared 12 years back. It gets more confusing, let me tell you.

Not only confusing, but confounding as well. How exactly do you stay sane under those types of circumstances? Somebody meddles with one thing in the past and everything just goes out of whack. Of course, your meddling with time also has its consequences.

The Hollow Pen, Ethan soon discovers, allows him to open portals to the past and lets him fiddle with events that happened at a certain point in time. Certain conditions must be met before Ethan can open the said portals, like exact time and date of a particular event. Clues come in the form of flashbacks and you can manipulate the stuff through the flashbacks you get. Gameplay in Time Hollow is generally point and click, the staple in most puzzle adventure games for Nintendo’s little dynamo, mixed with a little “draw a circle here” gameplay.

Fun facts

ichi. The supporting characters’ last names are numbers, particularly, hours. There’s a Mr. Onegin, a Mr. Twombly, a Threet, and so on. In the Japanese version, they’re Ichi-, Ni-, etcetera, etcetera. All of the names are a play on stuff time related.
ni. You’ll find that the game follows some parts of Einstein’s theory of relativity.
san. This was created by screenwriter Hata Takehiko and Kawano Junko. Kawano Junko created the PlayStation 2 (PS2) video game Shadow of Memories (or Shadow of Destiny for the US release), which also delves on time travel.

Time Hollow made me remember Groundhog Day and several other sci-fi flicks that delved into the messy and confusing world of time travel and time in general. Also, it made me think of that book Jessica Zafra mentioned in (I think) Twisted 7. If memory serves, the book’s called Einstein’s Dreams. (Note to self: Find that book.)

Whines and Good Parts

The annoying sound effects during the game (yes, it’s supposed have something that sounds like a clock, I get it) can be muted, but you’d want your volume up when the anime-ish cutscenes kick in. Also, you might find yourself lost the first time you encounter “change one thing and everything changes” and the changes your nefarious opponent makes but you’ll get the hang of it eventually.

I just finished playing Time Hollow and I loved it. Sure, it made me want to hurl my DS across the room a couple of times but it was all worth it. My frustration with it stemmed from the emo-ish dialogue of one particular character (is it a coincidence that he sports an emo hairstyle too?) and from the Groundhog Day feeling the game gives. Remember that movie where the guy’s trying to prevent his girl from dying? He changes something everytime he goes back in time, but the girl still ends up dying. Place yourself in that guy’s shoes and I’m sure you’d feel like throwing stuff or bludgeoning the girl in the end, too. (After a couple of minutes of searching, I found that this is from the 2002 flick, Time Machine.)

You’ll soon realize Ethan’s not alone in the Hollow Pen business. I’m not going to spoil the fun. Go and play it. Note: WAIT FOR THE CREDITS TO END.