On Sigrid Andrea Bernardo’s Lorna

I went to the Lorna screening at Fairview Terraces1, fully intending to write a review about it. About halfway through though, I realized I can’t. It hit too close to home.

Lorna is a sincere story about a 60-year old woman looking for love. Thwarted, it seems, at every turn, she tells her son, “Okay lang. Okay lang.”

Heartbreaks are bullet wounds, because yeah, same thing.

The cat scene made me cry, unabashedly I must admit, because that speech about not looking left and right before crossing the street, “ang tanga tanga mo… parang ako,” is a metaphor of which my mother would have approved.

Even the casual outing, the offhand “Soulitarian” mirrors what I did to my mother one morning over coffee and cigarettes.

We, my Nanay and I, have this half-joke in which she asks me, “So when are you going to write my story?”

My recent answer to this was “It’s ongoing. I already have a working title, Bad Taste.”

The next time, I’m afraid I’ll have to say, “Sorry Nay, nasulat na ni Sigrid Andrea Bernardo.”

Pero, rock and roll lang, Nay.

1. How we got to said mall was another adventure altogether.