Volkswagen Restoration: Week 2 and 4

Okay, so Car-car, my 1972 Volkswagen Beetle has been at ROS Autoworks for a month (tomorrow), and Remi and I have visited twice since my first post about it. The work is going quite nicely and now that they’ve scraped the paint down to metal, we could clearly see just how much damage and rust is under there.

Wait, before I get ahead of myself, I’ve had a number of people ask me just what I’m having done on the car and how much it’s going to cost me. First off, here’s the job order:

  • Remove seats, glass, lights, carpet, ceiling, gas tank, fenders
  • Underpaint, interior paint, body paint (Anzahl with top coat)
  • Strip to metal
  • Bodywork

As for the quote, let’s just say it’s a little over the price I’d have to pay for a year of parking. I think I got a good deal, considering that I’d gotten the 6-month payment term and considering that somebody once gave me a quote for 70,000 pesos. In case you’re planning to have your bug restored, I suggest you ask for quotes from a lot of shops.

Dean Montalbo, a friend from the Las Pinas Volkswagen Club, swears by a Volkswagen specialist in Paranaque, Kuya Nanding. I wasn’t able to visit their shop, but if you’re located near the Valley 1 area, you may want to give them a visit. Another friend, Bong Reyes from Artiken Marikina, offers body work and repainting services as well, so you will want to visit him if you’re in the Cainta-Marikina-Quezon City area. He wasn’t available last June, so I wasn’t able to get a quote from him either. Everybody has his or her own suki so be sure to ask around. I didn’t have much time to do canvassing, but I had a fair idea of how much it would cost since I’ve been asking around for a few months – libre naman magtanong, libre din mangarap.

Since no two project cars are the same – I mean, they can be from the same year, but the damage and rust wouldn’t be the same on each – my quote may vastly differ from yours. I have a banged up headlight and hood from the accident, and I have a mysterious leak where water seeps in if I park the car outdoors. So yeah, ask around.

Anyway, progress. Some bodywork has been done on Car-car. It’s been stripped to metal and we could plainly see previous work done on the body, as well as additional holes that we hadn’t noticed before. I saw that some of the existing metal patches on the body were pretty banged up (spot-welded), though hopefully, they can correct that.

Week 2 pictures:

Also, if you saw two girls carrying a pair of bumpers at Kamias, Cubao about two weeks back, that was Remi and me. I had bought a set from BatVolks member James. They were dirt cheap and I had them sent over via bus. A middle-aged dispatcher helped us fit it inside the backseat of Remi’s Vios.

Also, if you’ve seen a Vios flashing its lights or beeping, that might be us as well. We do that every time we pass somebody driving a Beetle and we get disappointed when they don’t greet back. “Dahil ba naka-Toyota tayo?”

Week 4

* If you want to know about how I’d rate ROS Autoworks after pulling out Car-car from the shop, please contact me here.

8 thoughts on “Volkswagen Restoration: Week 2 and 4”

  1. Hi it's me again. Just a thought. You might want to have the engine compression tested to determine if it needs overhauling. It's best to take advantage of this opportunity while the engine is removed from the car, to do engine and transmission repairs. As the months go by, you'll get more and more excited to see your beetle nearing its completion.

  2. Hi, yeah. I've had the engine overhauled, changed tons of parts and gaskets, and basically did the engine part of the resto first. 🙂 You'll find that in my earlier posts.

  3. Good day! How is the restoration process going? Any news or new pics? Hope everything is going well. Hopefully by the time your bug is finished, you could enter it to join the annual VW car show on December.

  4. The body work is about done, I think. They've applied primer on the body, though the fenders and hood still need work. I visited the bug last Sunday, though wasn't able to take pictures because the rain started falling so hard. We had to leave quickly so as not to get caught in traffic or flood. (The shop doesn't get flooded, but the roads going home do get flooded.) And yes, I'm excited to get the bug by December to the annual VWCP car show, though I won't be competing or anything. 🙂

  5. Hmm, tricky question, Jojo. Overall, I'm quite happy with the work done. The guy who owns ROS Autoworks, Rex, is very accommodating with requests and he updates me regularly (He even texts me when it's raining hard to say that Car-car is safe and snug – and dry – at the shop.) I had paid in 6 installments for the bodywork and paint, and I have to say, that was quite a sweet deal budget-wise since I didn't have to put down a chunk of money in one go. 😀

    Considering everything, I'd rate the shop an 8 out of 10. 🙂

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